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Friday, February 10, 2017

Know more about ancient Egypt!

Wall of ancestors in Abydos temple dates back to 1200BC approximately, it lists the royal names starting from king Men(Menes) till king Seti I , this part shows the cartouches of king Chepheren (the 2nd Pyramid builder at Giza) and king Jedefra!
Photo by Dr John.

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Monday, January 16, 2017

The ancient Egyptian temple by yasser kamel

Know more about ancient Egypt!

An elegant slate spoon in a crocodile shape found among a Pre dynastic finds of a tomb dates back to approximately 4000BC at Tal elfarkha in the Nile delta! The pure gold plating of its wooden belonging and the sophisticated spoon emphasize an advanced Northern Pre dynastic civilization!
Museumegypt camera!

Luxury in ancient Egypt by Yasser Kamel

Know more about ancient Egypt !

Masterpieces of pure silver inlaid with gemstones , a part of a collection of bracelets owned by Queen Hetepheres (Mother of Cheops) displayed at the Egyptian Museum and dates back to approximately 2600BC ,it has colourful illustrations of Butterflies! By Yasser Kamel for Museumegypt.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Know more about ancient Egypt!

Panedjem I (Pinedjem)
Among the very early Priest -kings who seized the opportunity of being the kingship in gradual declining and ruled Egypt in 1070 BC.
One of the major indicators of the kingship weakness was having the pharaoh subjected (in the funeral literature)to the judgement of Osiris where his heart was shown in the process of weighing against the feather of Maat or justice.
Such notion had been resisted by the divinity of the pharoaoh and never been tolerated by ancient Egyptians in the earlier times!
The Papyrus Book of the Dead of the claimed king Panedjem! ,The Egyptian Museum .Photo and information by Yasser Kamel
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