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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Yasser kamel, Egyptologist and Author

Yasser Kamel is an Egyptology researcher, author of historical books, a T.V guest and a licensed tour guide since 1993. He is specialized in guiding Egyptology study tours (such as for John Billman, the British Chairman at South Asasif Conservation Trust). Also, he leads field trips and demonstrates for students of Anthropology and Egyptology (such as for Professor Jerry rose groups and David Rohl). Yasser Kamel delivers lectures about Egyptology subjects for special groups of Egyptologists and history students.
His publications                
• He is the author of ‘A Journey into the Sun’, a collection of articles covering an array of subjects on ancient Egypt, released in 2009.
• He is the author of ‘The Epical poetry, from Pharaonic Egypt till Mesopotamia’, a book of historical and ancient civilization – inspired poems, released in 2018.                                     
• Egyptology researcher

In the honour of Imhotep. Part1 by Egyptologist and Author Yasser Kamel

In the honour of Imhotep. Part1
Admiring Imhotep skills has no end, Imhotep was the first ancient Egyptian renaissance man and the first known architect in mankind history. Imhotep , the multitalented man of king Zoser and his first official . Imhotep was an architect , a physician, a surgeon , an artist , a poet , an astronomer and was entitled , the sealer of the North , the first official in the kingdom of king Zoser and the high priest of Inu “ Inu is ancient Heliopolis and it was the biggest teaching center of Mathematics and science where Greek Mathematicians such as Pythagoras received their education ” and its main scientist . The greatest of Imhotep achievements remains always represented by the Step Pyramid and its complex at Sakkara where imhotep used his tremendous skill in binding the stone blocks with each other ,for the first time , with no mortar or any other similar method , such interlocking methods remained in Imhotep instructions and was practiced by his disciples until it reached its peak under the work of the great architect Hem Inu of the Great Pyramid at Giza then was followed by his followers .It may take decades for Egyptologists and restorers to comprehend and adapt Imhotep stonework and interlocking mainly in his great work , the step pyramid ,nobody yet understands how it’s layout is really made. Most of recent plans of the step pyramid layout unfortunately are based on a wrong assumption of the way the stones were laid . Such plans show the stones laid in a criss-cross way rather than being interlocked. It boggles our mind much once seeing the most ancient stone staircases that ever survived and made by Imhotep , then it should be realized how its complicated for us today to understand how such staircases are constructed ! It is hard enough to try to do a hand drawing of the layout of such staircases but it perhaps allow someone to have a little experience of what Imhotep did encounter while building such master stonework! Written by Yasser kamel for Museumegypt

The Army in ancient Egypt part4 Egyptologist and Author Yasser Kamel

Law and Justice in ancient Egypt part2

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